Friday, 7 September 2012

judgement day...

...very spooky title.

So yes, today is the day. The day when I've decided to overhaul my lifestyle. I can appreciate some people can be blind to the unhealthy ways in which they live, but unfortunately, I cannot. I cannot sit back and kill myself, it's just not possible.

I'm hungry at the moment and that's fine. I need to learn that hunger isn't a bad thing, and that I'm not going to die. I have food in the house - if it became a life and death situation I can eat. This is something I've learnt from the Beck Diet Solution - it's okay to be hungry. Thin people are often hungry, and it is the cue to eat. So many times recently, I've realised I've eaten because I feel I should (time, food in the house, boredom) rather than the signals my body is giving me. A human can go 6-8 weeks without food, and there are thousands of starving people throughout the world. Me putting off eating for two or three hours in essence, is of very little consequence.

I need to make this a mantra, and write it down somewhere on a sticky note where I can put it on the fridge and the cupboards. If I'm on plan, I'm very good. If I'm off it, I'm terrible. I need to learn not to think about it so much - which is sort of ironic considering I am writing this blog - therefore I'm thinking of it, no? But writing these thoughts helps me. It's a distraction in the very early days, the days where everything seems insurmountable. Maybe I should do a diet where there are no massive restrictions. Maybe I should do something where I know I can eat something of "free" value that will not affect ketosis, or carbohydrate levels. But then those diets I've done before, unsuccessfully. I clearly need something that takes those options out of the equation.

I'm probably going to be here quite a lot, rambling away....

O&O xox

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  1. I think Beck is a great resource. You can follow The Beck Diet Solution on FB (if you partake) and they post wonderful daily tips, too, which for me have been even more helpful than the book. They also have an email newsletter that is great; if you go to their website, you can sign up to receive it.

    I'd also recommend Eating Less and/or Beating Overeating, both by Gillian Riley. Her approach is innovative and she's got a wealth of ideas on changing the habit of eating more than we need.

    I know you can achieve your goals, with or without the specific program you've mentioned! I look forward to reading what you're up to. :)


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